OnePlus 9 OnePlus 9 Pro 4500 mAh Battery

More details about the OnePlus 9 series phones are surfacing. It means the Chinese OEM is about to make an official announcement. We’ll see very soon how OnePlus will make the next premium flagship devices better and different from the OnePlus 8. Several images and renders have been shown, including those hands-on images of a OnePlus 9 Pro. The phones shows a Hasselblad branding which could also mean the device will come with a more advanced camera system. Features and display specs have also been leaked including a mention of 4500mAh battery.

OnePlus is generous when it comes to leaks and teasers. This may not be official from the company but the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are most likely to have this battery capacity according to our source. The battery may also arrive with 45W wireless charging and reverse charging.

Max Jambor is usually a reliable source when it comes to Samsung products but he has also previously shared information on OnePlus. He shared about that OnePlus Nord SE special edition coming with subtle design alteration and recently, the OnePlus 9’s charging technology. Jambor also shared something about the OnePlus Watch.

OnePlus 9 Features

Much has been said about the OnePlus 9. For one, the OnePlus 9 Pro is expected to be equipped with a display that can run 1440p at 120 hertz, 256GB storage, 11GB of RAM (12GGB), and an official IP68 rating.

The phone will already offer 5G connectivity and show a different camera layout. Hasselblad technology may be applied to manage all four cameras: main, wide-angle, ultra-wide, and zoom. OnePlus has been working hard to improve the flagship camera system so let’s wait and see.


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