The OnePlus 5T has been out for only a day and we’re actually interested to check out for ourselves how the phone is very much different from the OnePlus 5. The latest variant of the premium flagship smartphone highlights the 18:9 display and the enhanced imaging tech. We have yet to get our hands on one and do an extensive analysis and review but for now, we’ll be content with watching early reviews or unboxing videos.

OnePlus 5 was highly anticipated but after it was launched, we soon heard a number of issues together with positive reviews like passing a series of Durability Tests and beating the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the fast charging game. The phone was caught cheating in benchmarks to get high scores. This was denied by the CEO. We soon learned about the stuttering and not switching audio channels with orientation. There’s that jelly scrolling issue which we’re expecting to be resolved on the new OnePlus 5T.

The OnePlus 5T is being hyped right now but we’re crossing our fingers it will live up to our expectations. We know the jelly scrolling issue is somewhat normal and can be fixed and so OnePlus should already know what to do with the 5T. The panel orientation of the OnePlus 5 was actually inverted and set to 180 degrees. The OnePlus 5T is assumed to not have this inverted display so the scrolling issue may not be present. Looking at the kernel source, the panel orientation shows it is NOT inverted.

Jelly scrolling on some phones is normal but there are those who don’t want it. Hopefully, the OnePlus 5T will not exhibit such so let’s wait and see.