The Nova Launcher has always been a favorite of many mobile phone users. We’ve featured it numerous times since its launch back in 2012–from beta to Version 1.1 to 2.0, Nova Launcher 3.0, and up to the most recent Nova Launcher Beta 5.5. We reviewed the latest version and noted that it offers a feature-rich and fully customizable Android experience. The premium app is now on sale.

From the original $4.99, it’s down to $0.99. This cheap price offer is for the app launcher’s 6th Year Anniversary celebration. This is TeslaCoil Software’s biggest sale yet for the Nova Launcher Prime.

Nova Launcher is a 3rd-party launcher. It’s the launcher of choice pre-installed on the Razer Phone.

To review, features of the Nova Launcher Prime include the following: grouped icons (Work, Create, and Play), more customizable sections, custom drawer groups, faster navigation, layout options, Google Now integration, transition animation, and the ability to import your old Nova Launcher settings from one device to another. Specifically, here are the sections that can be customized: Desktop, App & widget drawers, Gestures & inputs, Dock, Folders, Night mode, Look & Feel, Integrations, Notification badges, and Backup & import settings.

Nova Launcher

Visit the Nova Launcher Prime SALE on the Google Play Store to download the app.

VIA: Cliff Wade

SOURCE: Nova Launcher