Nova Launcher, the home screen replacement app has recently been updated. And nicely done, this Nova Launcher update brings the app up to version 2.0 with new features as well as fixes and improvements to existing features. This launches remains available for free and will run on devices with Android 4.0 or later.

And in addition to the free version of Nova Launcher, there is also a Nova Launcher Prime which sells for $4.00. Anyway, while many of the new features, fixes and improvements will cover both versions, there are a few goodies that will apply only to those using the Prime version. Those features include the ability to customize your icon size and swipe actions for any desktop icon.


Some of the other changes include custom wallpaper cropping, the ability to increase maximum desktop grid size, an infinite scroll drawer setting, an alphabetical list drawer style and a setting to bring small icons to the dock. Otherwise, those in the US with a Galaxy S II will now be able to force wallpaper scrolling. Moving over to the fixes and we have improvements dealing with scrolling performance, lower overall memory usage and an “Aggressive Desktop Setting (keep in memory)” option which is described as follows; “Retrieve Running Apps” used for Aggressive Desktop and warning when multiple launchers are running.”

All said and done, the Nova Launcher 2.0 update brought some notable changes for both the free and paid versions. And if nothing else, the two new Prime (paid) features may be enough to convince a few users to shell out the $4.00 purchase price and begin taking full advantage of all the features. Of course, new features aside, Nova Launcher keeps the goodies such as the scrolling effects, infinite scroll, scrollable dock, customizable app drawer, color themes and icon themes.

[via Google Play]