Essential Phone PH-2

The Essential Phone PH-1 already needs a follow-up. It’s been two years since Andy Rubin showed off the first-gen Essential Phone. It was once controversial yet highly-anticipated smartphone because it was the newest baby of the Father of Android. The device was unveiled, demoed, and then delayed yet again. When it was finally made available, it was quickly reviewed and opened. It also passed through a Durability Test and a series of drop tests. The Essential Phone has been through a lot but there people still clamoring for a new one from the company.

A few months ago, we noted the Essential Phone PH-2 may be announced soon. It is said to arrive with an under-display selfie camera. Essential is still not dead but we also heard the Essential Phone would be no more. A “next mobile product” has been in the works and even if after the Essential team laid off about a third of its workforce.

We remember saying Essential Phone 2 was canceled but now we’re hearing the next-gen mobile design is already being tested. It’s not clear though if it will be another regular smartphone or maybe another different mobile device. It is said to be an ‘AI phone’ that we’re assuming will depend on artificial intelligence to do some phone stuff.

This AI phone is said to come with a small screen. Main interaction with the phone could be through voice commands perhaps with the help of the Google Assistant. The mysterious phone is said to be still under development. The early testing is possible as it could still be just a prototype.

The latest leak from XDA points to a new device that hasn’t been named yet. It could be a tablet or just a bigger smartphone according to some commits sighted. Information like the default orientation would be 90 or 270 degrees, build error logs, and the idea that open source microG is being tested as a Google Play Service alternative have surfaced. It would still be a mid-range phone so expect mid-range specs as well.


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