The Essential as a company isn’t dead. Okay. That’s what the Essential team wants us to believe. Contrary to what we heard and mentioned the Essential Phone will be no more and a “next mobile product” is in the works, a brand executive is saying they’re not done yet. Jason Kleats, the Head of Research & Development of Essential, tweeted to counter what’s been going around Essential’s fate. Kleats is saying there is no truth to the rumor and he seems positive it is NOT happening anytime soon.

The first-gen Essential Phone aka Essential PH-1 may be sold out. We’re not certain yet if a second-gen smartphone (Essential Phone 2) will still be released.

We’ve been hearing the next mobile product will be released. It could be new accessories for the first Essential Phone since this one is modular and can still work with future add-ons like the Essential Audio Adapter HD, MQA audio enhancements, and a 360-degree camera.

So the rumors aren’t true: Essential Products is still alive. Essential is NOT dead. It may not be doing well (at least not yet anyway) but it’s not giving up–“not by a long shot”–as per Jason Keats.

There is no mention what will happen to the Essential Phone but people are suggesting more modules and mobile accessories be released. That is one way to give life to the Essential PH-1. The company may also decide to roll out a major software update since a major upgrade can make a big difference.


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