Xiaomi Product Launch

We’re not really what new product Xiaomi will introduce but the Chinese OEM has promised it will be an exciting moment for all of use. A Xiaomi product launch is happening on September 15, 2021, Wednesday. The announcement could be for the Mi Pad 5 and the new Mi 11T smartphone. The Xiaomi Redmi 10 was recently introduced. There was also the CyberDog which is the first robotic companion from Xiaomi. The MIX 4 was also revealed earlier with a Camera Under Panel technology.

The Mi 11T will be ready for the global phone market. With Xiaomi’s decision to drop the Mi brand, we’re not sure if it will still be called the Mi 11T. As for the tablet, The Mi Pad 5 could also have a new name.

To recap, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 with keyboard was teased earlier. It could arrive with stylus support. The Mi Band X with a 360-degree scrollable screen was mentioned and could be in the works. The Xiaomi 200W HyperCharge technology may not be ready yet but next year.

Xiaomi is working on many things. We’re just certain new Xiaomi products will be unveiled. The event will also be a global product launch so it should be more exciting. The new products could be the key for Xiaomi to really cement its place in the mobile industry. Let’s wait and see.