Motorola got into the modular phone game last year and surprisingly, it was more successful compared to the LG G5. The Lenovo-owned company did something right with this Moto Z by releasing the Moto Mods as add-ons to the very basic device. Motorola earlier introduced the Mophie Juice Pack and Hasselblad True Zoom among others. We’re expecting more Moto Mods will be revealed especially since a lot of geeks already have their Moto Mods Development Kit.

Some Moto Mods made their way to Indiegogo for funding while others joined Mod the Future hackathon in New York City.

One of the products listed on Indiegogo is this Moto Z Mod with Wireless Charging that offers phone protection and extra power. Designer Mike Paukert thought of adding infrared emitters, remote control functionality, and wireless charging capabilities. This is just one of the many more useful ideas and we’re glad to finally see it on the crowdfunding site.

This new Moto Mod looks like an ordinary phone cover but the shell offers more than just protection and design. The case integrates wireless charging so you can give the phone extra juice sans the cable and on top of a charging pad.

If you think this project is worth your money, you can send in your financial support for as little as $10, $35 will bring you one Wireless Charging Style Shell, $45 will give you a Wireless and IR style shell, $65 a pair of charging shells, and $85 two Wireless and IR shells.

SOURCE: Indiegogo