We never doubted Netflix would be big. We’re pretty sure many of you have already ditched your TV cable subscription or have stopped downloading torrents because media streaming is enough. You’ve understood what it means to binge-watch more than ever. The choices on Netflix are just too many but admit it, video quality isn’t always the best. Depending on your location or Internet connection, some movies or TV shows may take a while to show the best quality. Not many people may care about the experience as long as they’re catching up on all the stuff they missed but for others, audio and video quality matter.

Netflix has started offering HDR support but it’s limited to some regions and devices. HDR tech for mobile devices was supported beginning last year. LG G6 owners were few of those lucky ones who could watch HDR videos. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium also received Netflix HDR support. Netflix also brought HDR playback support to three new devices (Sony Xperia XZ1, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG V30) followed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

We know more devices will receive the same HDR playback support but Netflix is proud to say about a third of all smart TVs with Netflix now support the technology. As the number of HDR and 4K content continues to grow, Netflix will also continue to work on developments and upgrades. The latest of which is the Netflix Calibrated Mode.

Netflix Calibrated Mode is a feature that was developed as a result of collaboration by Netflix color scientists and Sony picture quality and device experts. At the moment, it’s only available to owners of Sony BRAVIA MASTER Series Z9F LED and A9F OLED TVs. We agree Sony makes some of the best TVs and with this update, the smart TVs become smarter than ever.

The idea is that Netflix subscribers will be able to watch content on the Sony Android TVs as they were produced including the correct colors, true motion, and dynamic contrasts. This enhanced quality will offer a more immersive watching experience as intended by the editors.

Sony is introducing the MASTER Series A9F 4K HDR OLED TVs available in 65-inches and 55-inches. The MASTER Series Z9F 4K HDR LED TV is ready in 75-inches and 65-inches. These TVs boast either OLED or LED as the display with Pixel Contrast Booster, Picture Processor X1 Ultimate for 4K HDR viewing, CalMAN professional-grade calibration, TRILUMINOS Display, Acoustic Surface Audio+, X-Motion Clarity, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, and Android TV as the main platform.

These TVs are currently the best devices to enjoy Netflix content. Sony executive Mike Fasulo, President and COO, said: “Netflix is redefining the way in which content is produced, and together we have created an offering that has never been done before. Our new line of TVs featuring Netflix Calibrated Mode truly optimize the entertainment experience and provide new viewing options for our customers.”

No word on availability and pricing yet but expect the new TVs to roll out this coming fall in North America.

SOURCE: Sony, Netflix