The good news: Netflix has finally added support for HDR and Dolby Vision app for Android devices so you can now watch your favorite shows and movies in all its high dynamic range glory. The bad news: only those using the LG G6 can do so. The flagship device from the Korean OEM is the initial recipient of this “gift” from the popular video streaming service, although of course we expect more devices to get the support soon, too.

Lest you think they’re showing favoritism to LG, the reason why the new flagship is the only one that gets the HDR support is that it’s the only smartphone now that has the unique Dolby Vision certification. It should soon be available to other high-end phones as well, but for now, since this is still in its “infancy” stage, LG G6 owners are the only ones benefitting from this update from Netflix.

Dolby Vision claims to bring “astonishing brightness, contrast, and color” and together with HDR, it should give you an awesome experience while watching even on a screen as small as your smartphone. It should give you cinema-quality content especially if you have 4K and OLED displays, which are now actually becoming prevalent among smartphones.

Aside from having an LG G6, you will have to have a subscription to the Netflix plan where 4K video is available. And you also have to update your app to the latest version which is 5.0. If you have a different Android device, then you’ll have to be satisfied with the regular version.

VIA: SlashGear