SO you remember a few days ago when it was a huge deal that there was a $100 discount on the normally $599 Android 3.1 Honeycomb NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core 10.1-inch HD widescreen tablet known as the Motorola XOOM? Well, turns out that the group themselves has the tablet at that same price starting today. They’ve also go the Verizon 3G w/plan version at $599 and the Verizon 3G w/o plan version for $799. This is another clue as to how soon it’ll be before we see the “4G” version of the tablet being released, that being the upgrade to the version you’re seeing on the market right this second. The question stands now though: will the re-release of this tablet cost $599 again?

You can purchase the US Cellular version of the XOOM for $599 still as well, and if you’ll take a look back at the supposed Verizon MAP from a little over a week ago, you’ll see that Verizon’s LTE branding of the XOOM is coming on quick. Of course, those of you wishing for the 4G world (or even this of you just on Verizon in general) should beware of the tiers: just yesterday we got confirmation that the Verizon tiered data plans are indeed real and are coming your way SOON, soon as in tomorrow soon. What you CAN do though, if you act fast, is get yourself locked into the unlimited data plan that’s still active today, but you’ve gotta run to your local Verizon NOW – this deal ends at the end of today!

Now as for those of you that still don’t know the full deal going on with the XOOM, boy have we got a collection of posts for you! First of all, you’ve got to hit up the most read XOOM review on the internet, that being the BIG ONE right here on Android Community. Then you’ve got to hit up another post we did back when the tablet was first released: Motorola XOOM and Honeycomb: All questions answered. It’s a goodie! Then of course there’s the obligatory iPad 2 vs Motorola XOOM post, the Android 3.1 Honeycomb review and benchmark list, and of course our full range of Honeycomb-related reviews so that you can see all the competition as well as the sweetest apps like News360!

Head over to Motorola’s online store to pick up the tablet right this moment if you’ve not already, and note that you’ll be getting the official Motorola portfolio case for free with purchase.

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