The Motorola Xoom is back as the daily deal over at eBay but it wont last long so you better hurry. If you missed it the Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB was up yesterday for only a few dollars more. This price at eBay of $499 sure is nice considering the 32GB Xoom is still rocking a $599 price tag at most places.

It may not be as thin as the Galaxy Tab or look as sleek but the Xoom was and is the original Android 3.0 Honeycomb Tablet. The first of its kind and will probably continue at least for a little while to be the first tablet to get updates from Google regarding the OS just as the Nexus One did. The Honeycomb tablet market is heating up quick and soon we will have many many choices to choose from but for now the Xoom is still an excellent choice.

We don’t know how long the deal will be up and it looks like they have already sold over 20 so if you’re wanting to get in on this I suggest you hurry. Head on over to eBay to get your own.

[via Droid-Life]