You better hurry and get moving if you want to get in with a Verizon Wireless unlimited data plan, or even just something better than the tiered plans coming soon. We have just got confirmation of the tiered data fees that Verizon plans to start come July 7th and will replace the existing options. New details are confirming four main options for subscribers.

With pricing and options starting at $10 per month for just 75MB up to $80 per month for 10GB for you power users. For the rest of you that are more in the middle they will also offer a $30 per month 2GB plan, and a $50 per month 5GB plan. We have covered this before and you can read more on that by clicking here.

Sadly each GB you go over will cost an addition $10 so you better keep an eye out for your data usage. These changes are to take charge starting on July 7th so if you want a different plan you better make some changes today. We will have to wait and see how other carriers take this and if they will follow.

[via SlashGear]