Motorola RAZR foldable phone

Motorola has unveiled a potentially best-selling smartphone last November in the form of the Motorola RAZR. The new generation RAZR still has the same clamshell form but it now comes as a foldable phone. It is said to be rivaled by the yet-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Motorola has an advantage since it’s the first clamshell foldable phone and people love the class flip phone design. We’re not sure though about the performance but this one is expected to offer more than decent performance and a display that doesn’t break.

We’re looking forward to checking out that solution to the usual foldable screen crease problem. It’s exciting to see an old icon going more modern. The Motorola RAZR foldable phone was made officially official a couple of months ago but there’s been a delay.

The Motorola foldable phone is coming. We told you how much and when and yes, it’s happening soon. The foldable phone is highly anticipated especially after Motorola published several teaser videos on YouTube.

Camera Features
The RAZR camera features were shown off. The video tells us of the gesture selfie with a hands-free countdown timer, auto selfie when you smile, portrait mode, and portrait lighting. There’s also the night vision plus camera cartoon to keep the kids’ attention to the camera. Other special features include spot color and cinemagraph.

Quick View Display
The Quick View display allows the user to control music, answer calls, send voice messages, and capture selfies. You can also make mobile payments and access Google Assistant from the small display.

Moto Experiences
The Moto Experiences allow the following: chop twice for flashlight, three-finger screenshot, twist to capture, sneak peel and respond by voice, and one-button navigation.


Caring for the RAZR
Motorola has shown some quick tips on how to care for the new RAZR. Since the phone is water repellant, simply wipe it with a dry cloth if wet. The screen is made to bend so expect some bumps and lumps. Those are normal but note that it has a protective coating. Do avoid sharp objects. Do not use a screen protector and close phone before putting in your pocket or purse.

Motorola Razr 2019 Unboxing
Watch the unboxing video below and see how the Motorola RAZR phone will wow you.

Watch another teaser of the phone.