Motorola wireless air charging demo

Could Motorola be working on a new wireless charging tech? Looks like it as we unearthed a video of a Motorola wireless air charging demo. Another post on Weibo hinted on this so-called air-to-air charging. Wireless charging isn’t a new offering from Motorola but the Lenovo-owned company has been working to improve on the technology. We can expect it to introduce this Qi-based charging technology in future Moto phones that may also charge other devices at once. This reminds us of the recently announced Mi Air Charge Technology by Xiaomi.

Rumor has it the next Motorola Edge series phone will have this air charging tech. In the near future, we can also expect other smaller devices. Like the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology, it can be assumed the Motorola smartphone will have the special technology required for air charging.

Motorola Air Charging Advantage

Motorola’s air-to-air charging (wireless charging) is believed to be safe. It may also offer a higher degree of freedom. As described, this is “wireless charging in the true sense”.

Watch the Motorola wireless air charging demo video below:

Future Motorola Edge

The Motorola Edge S was recently announced after several leaks and teasers. It’s now up for pre-order. It’s ready with flagship specs like Snapdragon 870 and 5G connectivity.

The next Motorola Edge phone may be released sometime in April since the Motorola Edge+ flagship and Motorola Edge budget version were unveiled April last year. The air-to-air charging technology is becoming more interesting. We’re guessing other OEMs have also started looking into this kind of technology that will deliver true wireless charging. Let’s wait and see.