Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

Wireless charging is not a new thing but Xiaomi is upping up the ante with a new product. The Mi Air Charge Technology is the latest from the Chinese OEM that recently ranked third in the global smartphone shipments. It may not be the number one phone maker in the world today but it has proven to be a global lifestyle brand with all the smart devices and products it has introduced the past few years. The Mi Air Charge Technology eliminates the need for wires and cables. It can charge smartphones and other devices at once for a truly wireless connection.

You can continue on with whatever you’re doing without the need for wires. You can play games on your phone while charging. Everything happens wirelessly.

This can be considered as remote charging but of course, still within reach. No need for wireless docking stations or stands because the Mi Air Charge Technology is all you need. The tech offers 5W remote charging. It makes use of energy transmission and space positioning in ways we never imagined before.

How Mi Air Charge Technology Works

This device features five phase interference antennas built in. They are enough to detect location of the phone accurately. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi phone that may work with the charger must have built-in “receiving antenna array” and “beacon antenna”.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology Details

The Xiaomi remote charging technology can offer 5-watt remote charging for one device, and multiple devices at the same time. It may be nice to image a future where living rooms are fully wireless. Someday, more devices may be able to work with this tech like bracelets or smartwatches, lamps, speakers, and other smart home products.