Google Stadia Pro New Games February March 2020

The Google Stadia system still has more room for improvement. The tech giant meant for it to launch with a big splash but unfortunately, there are several issues that need fixing. It was introduced almost a year ago as a new cheat-proof and cloud-based video game platform. It was shown off ahead of E3 2019 and then the Stadia controller went up for pre-order on the Google Store a couple of weeks later. We then learned Google Stadia would support the Pixel 3 series and offer multiplayer gaming.

The Google Stadia teamed presented a list of confirmed games available at launch. Support is also available for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 4, as well as, some other Android devices–Android tablets and Android TVs.

The Google Stadia mobile app went available for download from the Play Store. Soon, more games have been added to the list that would be ready at launch. New titles were added and more will be included as Google announced three new games coming to Stadia Pro.

The Stadia Pro subscription brings consumers more free games. Three more are being added: SteamWorld Quest, SteamWorld Dig 2, and GRI. They will be available beginning March 1 on the Stadia Pro.

Another game is now available for purchase in the Google Stadia store. Spitlings is another team arcade game that will surely be another time-waster. The other three titles will also have you playing for hours that you would need the Endurance Mode in GRID, wit to finish the card battler in SteamWorld Quest, and go on subterranean spelunking in SteamWorld Dig 2.

If you’ve been enjoying the Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition, know that it will leave Stadia Pro soon. You can still download it and be able to play the game even if it will be removed from the store on the 29th of February.