Microsoft announced the Surface Neo and Duo last year but it’s only in the second half of 2020 that we saw the Surface Duo. Excitement was built up by top Microsoft executives leaking the product in some videos or online posts. It was officially launched in August in the United States. The device soon became the subject of teardowns and durability tests. It’s not exactly perfect as several complaints and issues have been heard. While the device is ideal for multitasking, it may not survive rough use.

But then the Microsoft Surface Duo isn’t marketed as a rugged hybrid smartphone-tablet. It’s a decent gadget that can be used for mobile computing. It’s a foldable type but it’s dual screen.

The Surface Duo also has certain bugs. We’ve mentioned the good and the bad including the plastic frame around the USB-port reportedly cracking. The Surface Duo battery swells, causing some strange bulge.

The product received an early price cut. It’s more affordable now but have to consider a lot of things. We’re hoping an improved version will be available in other key markets like France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada when it becomes available.

TIME has recognized the Surface Duo as one the best inventions this year. The Surface Duo brings a different level of mobile productivity. It’s not exactly a foldable smartphone but the fold-type design makes it a similar offering. The hybrid phone-tablet offers updated Microsoft 365 apps that can help in multi-tasking and productivity.

Productive workflows became a result, thanks to other Microsoft 365 apps like Office, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive. Some other major apps that can be used on the Surface Duo are as follows: ESPN Fantasy sports, MFL, Duolingo, Microsoft OneNote, Spotify, Google Maps, and more. The Amazon Kindle app is perfect on the Surface Duo as it allows you to read on a book-type gadget.