Microsoft Surface Duo USB-C Port Cracking

No new mobile device is perfect. Not even the top OEM Samsung comes up with one that doesn’t have any flaws. Any new gadget will present imperfections and issues no matter how strict the quality process is. Of course, it’s not bad to expect more from the biggest names in the world but such problems are understandable. We’re not sure though if a plastic frame cracking is acceptable because it’s already plastic. You see, there have been reports the frame around the USB-C port of the Microsoft Surface Duo is cracking.

We have high hopes for the Surface Duo mainly because it’s different from the foldable phones we have seen in the past year. The dual-screen design appears to be durable for everyday use. We like the 360-degree hinge because the device can be propped up in more positions compared to other foldable devices available in the market today.

Unfortunately, the Surface Duo’s plastic frame is cracking. The plastic is the material of choice to keep things light and thin but then we now see the disadvantages of such design.

A Reddit thread is open, discussing the unfortunate incident of the frame around the USB-C port cracking. Apparently, it is not an isolated case. A number of Surface Duo owners have also shared the same experience and have started to warn others about the USB-C port area.

Several photos have been shared on the thread to prove the problem.

Here is one warning:

Please take extra caution on this particular spot of the type c port. Very thin plastic! Extremely easy to break! Mine cracked just by putting the device in the pocket. I’m gonna RMA mine see if they are willing to replace the unit.

Some have also reported they wanted to replace the units but have yet to hear an official reply from Microsoft. This is a developing story so let’s wait and see.


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