Microsoft Surface Duo Bulging Swollen

Not one gadget is launched in perfect form. We may probably not hear about issues of affordable devices but we hear more about those premium flagships and those from more popular brands that rarely come up with something. We’re not done with issues about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series and the new Google Pixel phones. Microsoft’s Surface Duo has also been a favorite subject recently. Earlier this month, a software update was released for the phone-tablet hybrid. That was a few days after we shared with you the plastic frame around the USB-port reportedly cracking.

Today, we’re learning about reports of a strange bulge that develops on one leaf. View the image below:

Microsoft Surface Duo Bulging

The external glass of one side appears to be lifted up. The cover is also separating from the frame. It appears the display is coming out.

The leaf in question is not the one where the USB port is. Imagine this problem plus the plastic frame cracking both happening to your Surface Duo, now that will be a disaster.

A source has shared this actually around ten charging cycles. A certain DrWindows said a possible explanation could be the swollen battery. Actually, this phenomenon happens usually when a device is old but not on a brand-new product. Ten charging cycles are not that much. Under normal use, that’s only less than two weeks.

The battery becoming swollen is not a good sign. It can be dangerous. The issue also appears to be not an isolated case but after the post, similar reports have been surfaced (pun not intended).

A redditor reported the same problem. DarkeXan said that his Surface Duo is sitting most of the time. It’s not in his pocket “so no chance of it coming from use.” Others followed and shared the same issue. Some even said the gorilla glass is cracked.

Microsoft has had similar problems in the past. The Surface Pro and Surface Book also had swollen batteries. Maybe, just maybe, Microsoft hasn’t really improved in this area. The company hasn’t sent out an acknowledgment or explanation yet but we’re hoping one will be ready soon.


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