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Micromax has been in the news quite a lot lately because of the many issues the company is facing. It was recently involved in the OnePlus-Cyanogen issue in India because the latter made an exclusive deal with Micromax. It continues to unveil new smartphones though like the latest Yureka phone for India, Canvas Selfie, and the Canvas Turbo.

Micromax is one busy OEM but looks like it’s doing more than what is required. There are reports that say Indian smartphone manufacturer Micromax is installing apps on the devices without permission from the users. This seems to be a silent installation, “magical” actually, because even if you uninstall and delete the apps, they will magically appear. It’s a mystery worth solving but it’s not really unusual for some OEMs to mess with their own devices.

It’s common knowledge that some carriers and manufacturers install software or trace the device in order to achieve many goals. For one, it can help increase benchmark results. Some do it to collect data, voice and data connectivity statistics, and more. However,  automatic apps being installed can be annoying and can pose a great security risk.

Micromax phone owners will not easily know if the apps are legit and original or if they are considered malware already. These extra apps also take up your precious storage space. Before you know it, your phone’s memory is full because there are unwanted apps installed. This also brings a problem of getting extra charges and fees especially if you are always connected to the mobile Internet. Phone doesn’t need to constantly add apps and games especially without one’s permission.

VIA: xda developers