Mario Kart Tour

Back in 2014, the Mario Kart TV was introduced by Nintendo as its first-ever mobile venture. No other Mario Kart game has reached Android but that changes soon with the arrival of the Mario Kart Tour. Closed beta testing applications were opened last April while the game was promised to be released this summer. It was already delayed but it’s finally and officially coming. We have a date now: September 25. Thanks to Nintendo of America for sharing the good news over on Twitter.

The game’s release is happening. We’re certain many of you have been waiting for this since you grew up playing Super Mario. There been several Mario games we’ve tried like the Super Mario Run that already received several updates. There’s also the Dr. Mario World puzzle game released just last month in partnership with LINE.

Nintendo has planned to release 2 to 3 new games each year after Super Mario Run but it hasn’t been that easy. Good thing Mario Kart Tour is almost here. Fans of Mario will have something new to enjoy.

Nintendo has been very secretive about this game. We haven’t seen any video, photo, trailer, or any other information. It’s a Mario Kart game already but we’re curious to know how this will be different from the console version.

The Mario universe is vast. This new game must be more exciting than Dr. Mario World. It’s been delayed already so we have high expectations about this one since it’s developed by Nintendo. Of course, we’re expecting a go-kart-style racing video game on mobile but we want the new stuff, new settings, and maybe new characters too.