LG Rollable Phone 2021 Launch

Like Huawei, although not in the same level, LG’s future is unclear. We’re only saying this because we have heard of several rumors that the other South Korean tech giant may discontinue its initial plan. After saying LG isn’t shutting down the phone business yet, we said it may soon quit the smartphone business. LG’s smartphone business could be sold off to a Vietnamese company but there is no official announcement yet. With this idea, the rollable phone may not become a reality.

If the LG Rollable Phone won’t roll out, there is still the LG Q83 and LG Rainbow to look forward to. But then the rumor is all about LG shutting down the mobile business. The company is believed to have already told BOE, the Chinese display maker supposedly would supply the foldable display, to hold the project.

There is no official report yet but BOE and other part makers are believed to someday require LG to pay for the efforts already exerted. LG’s future is still unknown. Details are scarce about the official plans at this point but there are several information and images being leaked. There is that LG Rollable patent shown with a secondary display and a triple camera.

LG is definitely struggling in the mobile business. The LG Wing Explorer Project isn’t exactly successful with only 100,000 units being sold since the launch. LG is said to have lost more than it made money. As for the LG Rollable Phone, it’s been a project we’ve been hearing about for almost a year. It actually reached the CES 2021 but actual production is a different thing.

LG Rollable Phone Still a Go

LG needs to say something. The South Korean tech company has actually done so. It already told The Verge that the Rollable Phone has been put on hold. The phone will still arrive this 2021–complete with a resizable screen.

An LG spokesperson has this to say: “I can firmly deny that any such decision on future mobile products has been finalized.” It was an outright denial after the Yonhap News report came out earlier.

Well, that is not really reassuring about the future of LG but it’s acceptable, at least, for now. It’s just not clear if the LG Rollable Phone is still a go. LG only denied that such a decision has been finalized. But you know, anything can happen. We will still understand if there is a decision to delay because of the pandemic.

LG may have not made a final decision but it could be nearing the end. That’s still a guess and may be the smartest thing to do right now. It can delay. It doesn’t always mean cancellation. LG has been losing a lot of money so it needs to be smart this time, especially now, when tech giants’ numbers are going down. We will remain hopeful though as always.


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