LG Rollable Smartphone

With new details about the LG Rollable phone surfacing, we are led to believe the other South Korean tech giant is still going to release the highly-anticipated device with an unconventional display. We remain hopeful especially since we know LG is working on other designs. Nothing is certain and official yet but recently made public is this LG rollable smartphone with a secondary display. It’s only a concept design but we will welcome it with open arms if its becomes a reality.

The idea is a smartphone with a roll-out display and a second screen at the rear. The display is where another camera will be placed for selfies. The LG Rollable Phone is a working product. We’re crossing our fingers it will be unveiled and released commercially.

A March reveal has been mentioned but looks like LG may push it to later this year. That’s better than nothing so we really hope LG will provide more details. The smartphone is said to be retractable with a rolling display that can be pulled out from the two sides as described.

The LG Rollable Phone is said to be 6.8-inches and can be rolled up to 7.4-inches. BOE will be manufacturing the display. The LG Rollable phone with a pull-out screen is shown off once again in a patent published just today by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

LG Rollable Phone Design

We see a dual-screen phone with a large flexible main display with rounded sides. The back also has a display with a notch for the triple camera system. The device, when opened, shows a larger display.

A frame holds the display and gives it a solid and sturdy grip. To allow the sliding process, there is a rail system on the rear. We have yet to know if this is durable enough.

The new patent images below don’t show any connections nor buttons. The selfie camera is on the secondary display which is not really visible on the images. LG appears to be using a vertical triple camera similar to what was used on the LG Wing.

The LG Rollable Phone is another Explorer Project device. It’s obvious that LG is experimenting on different designs. The company hasn’t released a foldable phone but it is introducing devices with different form factors.