LG Rollable Phone 2021 Future

With all these talks about LG shutting down its phone business or selling it off to another group, we are left wondering what will happen now to the LG Rollable Phone. The other South Korean tech giant has been working on several new devices. Apart from a rollable smartphone, there is also the LG Rainbow plus the LG Q83. Leaked a few weeks ago was the LG Stylo 7 5G. The idea of more mid-range and low-end smartphones are also there.

A few days ago, we reported that LG’s smartphone business may be sold off to a Vietnamese company. That was after we said LG may soon quit the smartphone business. It was only days too after we said LG is not shutting down the phone business yet.

The mood is different now and the public has started to ask about the upcoming LG Rollable Phone. It was unveiled at CES with BOE-made flexible display. But now, people have started asking about its future.

LG Rollable Phone’s Future

Will the LG Rollable phone still see the light of day? We hope to see it become a reality. It’s almost ready. By ready we mean still being developed. No launch details have been set yet.

The LG Rainbow is believed to be introduced in March as the LG Velvet’s successor. The LG Q83 could follow after. The LG Rollable Phone may roll out later this year. But then it could remain a concept after hearing the latest about LG’s fate.

LG officials could be contemplating carefully on what to do these days. Leaving the phone business or selling of a business unit is a big decision. Perhaps LG should look at the LG Wing’s status. It has only sold about 100,000 units since its launch. LG seems to have lost more than it made money.

The LG Rollable Phone can still be better than the LG Wing but the company needs to up its marketing game. It has to convince the consumers how a rollable phone can be better.