We’re here at the doorway to the future of multiple color options for every single Android device on the market. Is this the newness we’ve been searching for? Is this what women want? How about the gay community? Also, where is my yellow and black Wu-Tang device? All of this will be answered soon, or LG appears to be saying. With their recent release of the LG Optimus Black came a device whose name indicated the literal color of the device’s case. Now there’s an LG Optimus White on the market in the UK, and an LG Optimus Bright out with NTT DoCoMo in Japan. These are all essentially the same device. What’s with the color changes?

We’ve also just reported that the Xperia Neo would be offered in several color combinations including silver, blue, and red. And what about the supposed for-females HTC Glamor, a device that appears to be coming out with a light blue, yellow, or pink casing. This device will be aimed directly at a loud and vibrantly loving of fashion group. There’ve been cases we could put on our devices to make them much brighter for a whole heck of a lot longer than there’ve been devices coming out with these colors in the first place. Then there’s this new wave of out of the box colorings.

The T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit is bright purple while its close relative, the T-Mobile Gravity Smart is an equally bright blue. There’s a special edition of the super cool HTC Desire S over in the UK, a loud and lovely red exclusively on Vodafone. Even the HTC EVO View, a tablet, has come forward with some bright red features to blend it in with the rest of the EVO series. Under the case back, even! Oh and the Euro HTC EVO 3D? Gold rims, for players only!

What do you think of this new out of the box color revolution? Should we continue down this road, or is your favorite color black?

Also, apparently, there’s a special edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Italy. The country is celebrating the 150th year of their unification and this special edition of the tablet will have the Italian flag colors and the initials of whoever wins it on eBay. Sound legit?