Whilst taking a hands-on look at the devices Sprint had to offer at their first special event at CTIA 2011, we had a glance at what they’d have in stock for their big launch. The devices in question were the HTC EVO 3D and the HTC EVO View 4G, both of these Android devices and both of them ripe for the casing. The HTC EVO View 4G again is a handheld tablet with a stylus that’s aka the USA version of the HTC Flyer first introduced at Mobile World Congress 2011. The HTC EVO 3D is a 3D capable handset comparable in size to the new HTC ThunderBolt (save for its lack of a kickstand and addition of a camera duo on the back.)

First there’s a few plastic colorful cases for the EVO View 4G, these cases are plastic and the colors shown off here included a lovely green with triangle array pattern and a flat purple. There’s also an odd dark canvas slipcase with HTC embroidered in the same bright green on the side near the top. There’s also a simple back-covering case that’s velvety-purple on the inside and black on the outside that appeared to be quite unique as a case-type protection apparatus in that it provided a kickstand for a tablet-sized device. Normally a tablet is provided a full stand.

Next for the EVO View 4G is a simple dock, mostly black with a white front, made to hold your tablet in portrait mode only while charging up. This stand is shown here without a cord, but it does require one to function.

Finally for the HTC View 4G there’s a lovely zip-up case that’ll contain your tablet on one side inside foam padding with an elastic and mesh hold to keep the device in place while the case is open. Between the tablet side and the left there’s a velvety pad to keep the screen safe while the other side holds earbuds, extra battery, stylus, and more.

On the other end of this case of wonders there was a Car Upgrade Kit that’d fit the EVO 4G – essentially what this means, since basically every HTC phone coming off their assembly line has a similar sized case, is that it also fits the EVO 3D. This is a rather hardcore looking car stand capable of swiveling to hold the handset in any number of directions and ways.

Next there’s a rather simple docking station for the EVO 3D made to hold the device in landscape mode. This dock will connect via the EVO 3D’s new fual-functional micro-USB port that’ll allow for both charging and HDMI output – at the same time? It appears very likely.

Then there’s the HTC Media Link – this is the device we found out about back in September of 2010, a wireless DNLA device that allows you to work with all manner of devices transmitting video and audio to large screen TVs and the like.

An array of gel-type cases are set to be released, each of them with a notable rectangle space for the EVO 3D camera duo. At the moment there appears to be a purple, blue/purple, light blue, black, and pink. Check in the gallery below for additional shots of this case with the phone inside.

There’s a few more slipcases made for the standard HTC phone size, no openings save for the slot to place the phone in the top, bottom, or zipped out of the side – check out that crocodile skin!

Finally we saw what they had marked as the “Griffin Xpo Universal Stand,” a black aluminum case for the EVO 3D with a space for the switches, ports, and camera lenses, with a kickstand to make up for the notable absence of one on the device itself – we’ll leave it to you to decide if they ought to have found a way to include it in the original body or not.

Some of these accessories are released already, the rest will more than likely be out and about some days and weeks before the HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G are live.