What you’re going to see in the gallery below is a rather tiny image of the device you see directly below, save for one rather important marking: a T-mobile logo near the top on the front. This again may seem sort of unimportant since this device is set to replace the LG Optimus One, both of them being entry-level devices, save another rather important factoid: this device will be rolling out with NFC equipped. This will make the device one of only a few smartphone devices on the market today with NFC abilities, this aside the Samsung Nexus S and the T-Mobile Nokia C7 – a meeGo device.

The same source that brings you the small image below notes that this device will likely be heading to AT&T as well, this all happening inside August of 2011. Users will then have to decide if they want this entry-level device for its NFC abilities and its Gingerbread out of the box or if they’ll want to go with such devices as the LG THRILL 4G with its 3D abilities, the LG Revolution on Verizon for its 4G LTE capabilities, LG Optimus 3D for it’s off-carrier 3D abilities, LG G2x for its dual-core power along with sweet glass front and sleek design, or the LG G-Slate of course if they’d like a tablet.

Which device will you choose? Are you ready for the NFC revolution, or do you plan on skipping said technology in favor of on-screen deals and other non-physical interactions? Do you believe in the future of NFC? Do you think its enough of a draw for businesses that it makes sense to include said technology on devices such as these? Let us know!

[via Android Guys]