Aside from Samsung Galaxy S7, another premium flagship from a South Korean tech giant is highly anticipated right now. We’re excited for the LG G5 which has been the subject of the rumor mill since last December. Actually, there’s no more doubt that LG is releasing a new premium flagship phone because the company already announced its product lineup for 2016.

We’re expecting this one would be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress happening in the coming weeks. Some specs have been leaked and some sources say that it would include a secondary display, a Magic Slot, and dual cams. The most recent information we heard was about it getting a modular design which we’re guessing is for the battery.

All those early info are considered rumors and renders for now but more details have been published pertaining to a new LG device already. The model number LG – H830 was sighted on User Agent details. No confirmation from LG about the accuracy of information but we’re sure there is indeed an LG G5. A document tells us of an Android 6.0 powered LG-H830 device but the Marshmallow OS pre-installed means specs are high. Or course, it’s supposed to be a premium flagship smartphone.

So far, we know the LG G5 will have 5.5-inch display screen, QHD resolution, smaller secondary screen, Snapdragon 820 proccessor, and an expandable storage space. We’ll know for sure next month.

VIA: NapiDroid