If Samsung won’t be taking the stage at the Mobile World Congress, LG will definitely grab the opportunity and show off the new flagship G series phone. The LG G5 is expected to be launched at the upcoming tech event in Barcelona complete with dual cams, secondary display, and a ‘Magic Slot’. We have no idea about that slot but we said it could be a port where one can attach extra peripherals like a camera, speaker, or keyboard.

Looks like that Magic Slot has something to do with LG’s new modular design. It’s the not in the same level as the Project Ara but rumor has it the G5 will have a “drawer” that will allow the battery to be replaced. Instead of the battery being taken out from the back panel, the idea is that it can be accessed from an opening below the phone like a modular battery. Nothing has been confirmed yet by LG but sources say the modular design makes the smartphone unique. There’s the usual dual camera combo and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor but the most attractive addition is the new design.

The image above is a render by Matt Kim based on what CNET sources are saying. Some say that the volume button has been moved to the left of the G5 while the home button and fingerprint sensor can be found together. As for the rear camera system, it will still use dual cameras and wide-angle lens.

Let’s just wait for LG to make the official announcement at the MWC 2016 happening next month.