The weekend is upon us which means the MWC 2016 is about to begin. The event officially opens on the 22nd of February but it’s been a tradition that brands will have their own smaller pre-MWC parties. Samsung has the Unpacked event while LG has its own earlier, hours before its rival tech giant introduces the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Just yesterday, we saw purported images of the LG G5 in Dubai but we weren’t convinced that it is the premium flagship. Today, we’re learning once again that the phone will have a Magic Slot apart from the idea of a secondary display screen and dual cams. The modular design is something we’ve been hearing about since last month. We’re imagining a special slot for the removable battery or another module that can improve the features and performance of the smartphone.

This is only a leaked photo of the LG G5. We find it intriguing because that’s one huge and thick module which could also be an added camera. Well, the module appears to have some buttons and a hidden dial on the sides. Others are saying that there seems to be a shutter button as well.

This Magic Slot makes the smartphone look bulky. While most OEMs are working on a slimmer and sleeker design, here’s an LG device being shown off in the wild with some added thickness. We’re excited to know what this “extra” really is. Any guess what this could be?

VIA: Android Authority