“Life’s Good,” says LG. And it’s more fun when you to take some time to tease a competitor. LG’s reply to Samsung on Twitter will make you laugh (maybe even LOL) because it was a sarcastic remark about Samsung phones not having a removable battery. You see, Samsung’s batteries are now built-in/non-removable much to the chagrin of fans. LG went on with the tradition with the LG G4 by still using a removable battery.

When Samsung Mobile posted a photo of a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and boasted that it can be fully charged in 90 minutes, LG USA Mobile suggested one can go from zero to full charge in an instant with a removable battery and shared a link to the LG V10 product page.


It’s funny in some levels and we commend LG for being too straightforward. Could this mean the next LG G5 will still have a removable battery? Looks like it. That modular battery design could be the removable battery part of the next LG flagship. We’re very much interested about the rumored ‘Magic Slot’. Perhaps LG got the idea from modular phones being conceptualized the past years although we’re not expecting the G5 would be purely modular.

Samsung’s lack or removable battery has done the company harm. It may only be following Apple but it certainly didn’t do the South Korean giant any good. In this day and age that people are demanding for bigger batteries and capacities–all while more apps, specs, and features are draining them faster—OEMs should think of more solutions. The easiest way now is to just pop a new battery in. No more waiting for phone to be fully charged. No need to for power banks or quick charging tech–just put a new battery.

LG’s witty tweet had the netizens LOL-ing and comparing the two. Let’s see if LG will stick to removable batts or until when.