Huawei won’t be last when it comes to introducing or joining trends. We haven’t heard any related plans venturing into the foldable phone category except for that one last year when the brand was said to go head-to-head with Samsung with a foldable phone. That was over six months ago and today, we’re hearing again the top Chinese OEM could beat the South Korean tech giant in introducing a truly foldable phone. It won’t be just a flip-top or clamshell phone but a real smartphone with a screen that can be folded.

The company is targeting to release the “World’s First Foldable Phone” before the year ends–sometime in November. Samsung is also confirmed to come up with a foldable OLED phone this year but you know with this brand, anything can happen. The onscreen fingerprint sensor has been delayed already so Vivo took advantage and already announced devices with the in-screen fingerprint system.

Rumor has it Huawei inked a confidentiality agreement with local and foreign partners to work on the technology for a foldable device. Unlike other concepts we’ve seen in the past, Huawei’s foldable phone will be folding inward. It may use OLED from LG even if the latter is also said to be developing its first foldable phone.

Huawei is believed to be aiming to introduce the foldable phone before Samsung does. There is still more work to be done but we don’t doubt Huawei will be able to reach its goals.