LG were definitely not just playing around (and who plays around with that kind of money anyway) when they said that they are investing $8.7 billion in OLED development. And this coming CES 2016, the first “fruits of their labor” will be on display, even if they’re only prototypes and proof-of-concept screens for now. Foremost among what will be shown is the 30R 18-inch rollable OLED and a 55-inch OLED TV.

LG Display has a lot to showcase at the CES 2016, not just with OLED but also with LCD. But as for the former, which as we mentioned they’re heavily investing in, you will be able to see a prototype of the rollable OLED which you can furl up, just like you would a hybrid physical and digital newspaper. Meanwhile, the 55-inch OLED TV will also be shown. What makes the screen paper thin is that the electronics are in a separate part.

As for the LCD products, they will be introducing a 25-inch waterfall curved LCD for car dashboards that can go with the contours of the center console. They will also showcase a 10.3-inch panel with a touch screen that can still work even if the user is wearing gloves. For notebooks, they will be bringing an 11.6-inch 2-in-1 and 23-inch touchscreen monitor that will have a similar technology to what’s being used in smartphone displays (which is called Advanced In-Cell Touch technology).

It would be curious to find out how these various OLED and LCD tech will make its way to the consumer market after CES 2016. LG’s investment in OLED is for the future, but what better way to start than now right?

VIA: SlashGear