The Nexus 9 will be no more. It’s not a rumor but HTC has already decided to discontinue producing the Android tablet. The move means a few things. It can be because the product isn’ t selling, a new one is coming, or simply because the manufacturer is shutting down. We’re not betting on the last possible reason because we’re hopeful about the fate of HTC. The Taiwanese tech giant recently confirmed to CNET that it has stopped making the Nexus 9. We did notice and it’s really no longer listed on the Google Play Store just like the Nexus Player.

Google already has the Pixel C so it makes sense that the Nexus 9 will be pulled out. The Nexus tablet was announced October 2014 and was quickly offered in different variants. It was released in sand color and was offered free for HTC One M9 buyers. It didn’t take long before discounts were given by HTC but this halting the production came as a surprise since we heard that HTC inked a 3-year Nexus deal with Alphabet— Google’s parent company.

We have no idea if there will be a new one but Google already has the Pixel C. But then again, the new Pixel device is more of a hybrid that can rival the iPad Pro or Surface Pro. Google could also be working with a new manufacturer this time for the next Nexus tablet. Remember that before the Nexus 9, there’s the Nexus 7 by ASUS. The Nexus 9 may have better specs but the $399 is more expensive than its $199 predecessor.

We’re not sure if this is more of a bad news for HTC or Google but either way, we don’t like bidding goodbye to any good product.