The last HTC Nexus we saw was the HTC Nexus 9. It’s not a smartphone but rather a tablet. More than a year after its release, we’re now hearing rumors that HTC is set to make the next Nexus phone. Since LG won’t be making a new Nexus this year, Google is believed to be looking for another manufacturer.

The Internet giant is said to be developing more Nexus devices. LG could be out of the game but HTC has been rumored to make two new Nexus devices for Google. As the company wants to make the Nexus device closer to iPhone, we’re curious to know how it will make the necessary changes.

Another rumor has it that Google could put an end to the Nexus series but there are more rumors now pertaining to the HTC phones. If true, then it’s good news for HTC. The latter is already in danger and the company definitely needs the boost it needs. Making a Nexus device for Google, whether a new phone or tablet, could bring in sales. If that’s the case, then definitely HTC could hope to rise again from the dead–once and for all.

Some information were posted on Reddit saying the Taiwanese OEM has already signed a 3-year contract with Alphabet, Google’s parent company. We hope to see new HTC Nexus devices in the coming months and umm, the next three years. Let’s wait and see if or how will Google work with the ailing HTC. We’re crossing our fingers.

VIA: Reddit