The ongoing saga with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is finally starting to shape up and make sense regarding the volume bug. Google has confirmed the issue and claimed a bugfix update was already en route and would be delivered shortly. When I said saga I didn’t mean Twilight — I meant this overblown issue with the Galaxy Nexus that turned out to only be a small software issue.

We’ve now learned this indeed was a small software bug that was fixed via changing the radio levels that were causing interference (2G). By controlling the debounce with a few simple tweaks the issue should be fully resolved and wont ever be a problem. In no way was this hardware related and we’ve now learned Samsung is already “flashing” or pushing an update that should resolve the problem.

Earlier this week UK online retailer Handtec stopped all shipments on the flagship device but today they’ve updated everyone on their official blog. Clearly stating that Samsung is in fact “flashing” or updating the Galaxy Nexus with the volume bugfix. They then go on to mention shipping with commence early next week and everyone will receive expedited delivery free of charge for the inconvenience.

Sounds like a good deal to me. We’ve still learned nothing new regarding when Verizon will launch theirs, but an ad was leaked last night showing it will launch at just $199. Pretty nice to hear considering most other Verizon 4G LTE phones have been $299 on contract. Hopefully we’ll know more soon but for now here is our Galaxy Nexus hands-on.

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