Following the latest Galaxy Nexus news we still have nothing new from Verizon but we did get an update from the popular online retailer Handtec. In a statement on their official blog the British retailer has announced they’ve stopped all shipments of the Galaxy Nexus and have confirmed there is some sort of volume bug. We reported on this earlier this week and it appears they are finally doing something about it.

This “bug” appears to only be happening on the UK 900 MHz frequency when the device is using 2G (Edge) only. 3G and 4G data speeds are not experiencing this issue. For those that are always in a 3G location you’ll most likely never experience any issues although if there is a bigger problem at hand I’m sure we’d all like to know and possibly get a replacement. Here is one of the few updates from Handtec:

The tests are showing when in 2G mode the volume is acting erratically – we at this point are putting all shipments on hold.

For those that wish to receive the phone anyways and would still like Handtec to ship out their order you can email customer support and request the device and they’ll still ship. So for those of you here in the US that ordered one outright and spent the cash, they’ll still send it your way so you can enjoy some Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

One important note, this update from Handtec has absolutely nothing to do with Google or Samsung and neither of them have updated or said anything regarding this possible issue. This is only a move by Handtec as a company and we’ll be sure to follow this for more details as it becomes available. In the meantime, enjoy our hands-on with the Galaxy Nexus, or the full review by SlashGear.

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[via Handtec]