From Google Wallet to Android Pay and now on to Google Play, we sure have witnessed the tech giant introduce and improve on the mobile payment service. The year started with us learning about Google’s plan to rebrand all payment services into one and called it Google Play. A new Google Pay logo was sighed on some Pixel and other Android phones and the service finally rolled out in February, letting you send money on Contacts through Google Pay Send.

The old Android Pay is now known as Google Play. When it first rolled out in February, not all features were made available as Google Pay is still being updated. The rebranded payment service has since received a number of updates including a feature that allows you to buy mobile tickets for the Las Vegas Monorail.

Google Play was also integrated with the Google Assistant so you can send or request money through the service. Google Pay now lets you finish shopping right on your browser and save boarding passes from Southwest Airlines. We know more features and advancements will make mobile payments safer and faster especially since PayPal and Google Pay are deepening their ties. We also know more brands and services will be integrated with Google Pay so expected related announcements in the coming months.

Google Pay offers more convenience so it’s easier for anyone to finish shopping and pay in stores with a smartphone. Online payment methods are easy to use. It’s secure because of several authentication levels and encryption. You only need your Google Account to check out and finalize a purchase.

Feel free to use the service with your other loyalty cards or gift cards for more rewards. Earn points when you use Google Pay with select merchants and stores. You can even be reminded to use the card while you’re at the store.

Google Pay is fast, simple, and secure. It can be used on different devices and platforms. You can start paying your friends and other contacts with the mobile app. Google Play Send already does that but it’s being combined now with Google Pay. If you live in the United States, you can take advantage of this. Those in the United Kingdom will receive the same feature later.

With Google Pay, it will be easier to split the bill or pay the tab when going out with friends. Bought something for another person or for a project? You can request money from your family or groupmates using the Google Pay app.

We’ve tried this before with Southwest Airlines and now, you can save even tickets you brought online from different sources. Ticketmaster is supported now and soon, those tickets from Eventbrite can be stored. Vueling and Singapore Airlines will also follow soon. You don’t have to print tickets because you only need to show your phone.

Google Pay isn’t exclusive to Android but you do need a Google account. You can use it straight from your Android phone, Chromebook, iOS phone, laptop, or PC. You can use the Google Assistant to finish shopping. You can easily manage all your information on Log in to your Google account to see all transactions and history.

Download Google Pay from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)