Google Pay Web

Google definitely makes our digital and mobile lives easier. It won’t be known as the tech giant for nothing. It has since introduced many big programs, applications, devices, smart home products, and smartphones. In the recent years, we’ve had Android Pay as an effective mobile payment service. It’s actually a rebranded Google Wallet and now, after over three years, Google is rebranding it again. It’s now called as Google Pay and we’re crossing our fingers it will be the final name.

We learned about the rebranding earlier in January. All payment services by Google are integrated into Google Pay. It started rolling out officially back in February. A number of enhancements have been made including the ability to buy mobile tickets for the Las Vegas Monorail and then send-request money via the Google Assistant.

The latest round of update delivers many changes. You can now use Google Pay on the web. You can go on a hassle-free online shopping trip with Google Pay that may appear on your web browsers. Feel free to check out and finalize that shopping cart right on your browser whether on a desktop or mobile phone. If you forgot your wallet, you can always use Google Pay.

The Google Pay app for Android offers special rewards if you’ve been loyal in using the service.

SOURCE: Google