Google Pay

Google is rebranding all payment services into one by launching and calling it Google Pay. We learned about the news earlier this month and now we’ve got information it has started to appear on numerous Android devices. Combining Google Wallet and Android Pay, Google Pay will replace the mobile payment services the tech giant has previously introduced. It’s something we’ve been wanting to happen because having two different services with almost the same purpose can be sometimes confusing. There is no need to have two. Less is more so thank you Google for this change.

There is no official announcement yet and we can’t find the official app on the Play Store but some Pixel 2 XL owners are sharing their discoveries. On the Tap & Pay settings menu, one of the options include Google Pay for NFC payments. The logo wasn’t there before so we’re assuming the company is rolling out the updates slowly and discreetly before everything is fully ready.

We’re not sure if Google Pay will be a totally new app and will combine all Android Pay and Google Wallet features but we’re looking at major integrations. There is a possibility Google will show off more at the MWC 2018 but there’s also the Google I/O 2018 conference happening in May.

In the meantime, check if your Pixel or Android phone shows the Google Pay option. Head on to Settings> Default Apps> Tap & pay> Payment default.

VIA: Droid Life