Google Pay is looking for ways to become more relevant and convenient to its current and potential users who will want to choose it as their default mobile payment gateway. One way is to make commuters’ lives easier and now they are starting it with letting you buy mobile tickets to the Las Vegas Monorail. You will now be able to buy your tickets online and store it on your Google Pay app for a quicker way to navigate through your commute around Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Monoroil is Google Pay’s first transit agency and probably not the last where you can use prepaid tickets on your smartphone. All you have to do is install the Google Pay app if you haven’t yet and then buy your ticket from the Las Vegas Monorail website. Save the ticket to your app and the next time you’l ride the train, just hold your phone near the fare gate and when you see the check mark, you can go inside and ride the train.

The convenient thing about this, aside from not having to line up to get your ticket, is that you don’t even need to open up your Google Pay app just to be able to access your ticket. You will also find information in the app to guide you throughout your trip and also see recent transactions you made and where’s the nearest train station.

If you already have Google Pay, make sure you’re updated to the latest version to be able to use this new feature. We’re looking forward to see what other transit agencies they will be working with next.

SOURCE: Google