Google has officially launched the Android Oreo GO edition for low-end, low-powered devices. We’ve been saying it was released because Android One was a no go. We’ll never know what really happened but we’re happy with the tech giant’s efforts to come up with something “light” for many people. We’re expecting more related apps will be introduced after the Files Go and especially now that MediaTek and Qualcomm processors will offer support for the Oreo Go edition.

Spotted on the Play Store is the Google Maps Go. We’re assuming it is for Android Go but being in the app store means you can try it. There is also a possibility it’s just a shortcut to the web app.

The lightweight Android needs lightweight apps. The new Google Maps Go is just one and we’re curious how it will be different or similar to the standard Google Maps version.

According to Google, the app will run smoothly on devices connected to unreliable networks and with limited memory. Expect speed to be not compromised should you need to provide location, get directions, city transit info, and real-time traffic updates. Use it like the ordinary Google Maps app, find information, search, and do more.

Google Maps Go is available in more than 70 languages and includes accurate maps of about 200 countries, transit information for over 3.8 million stations, 20,000 cities, and 7,000 agencies. You can also access detailed business information of over 100 million places.

Tap the app for quick directions and map details. Real-time traffic information will get you to your destination as you ride the train or bus or drive. Walking directions can also be provided, as well as, more information on new places, local stores, nearby places, and reviews. With Google Maps Go, you won’t get lost or get bored because you have all you need right on the app.

Download Google Maps Go from the Google Play Store


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