We’ve started our countdown to Christmas and we’re pretty sure you’re already busy with all the shopping and gift-wrapping. But before your favorite holiday gets the best and worst of you, watch out for Android Oreo come to your mobile device. If you haven’t received any, your phone may be next. Or if you’re already one of the few enjoying Android 8.0, then there’s Android 8.1 to look forward to as the Dev Preview was recently released.

The Android developers also have the Android Go and the special edition is now ready with Oreo. First introduced earlier this year, Android Go fits those devices that have lower RAM. Simply put, it’s the Android OS Lite that will allow entry-level phones to run the latest version of the mobile platform. We haven’t heard much about it but Android Go is now ready. It’s part of the highly anticipated Android 8.1 that will roll out starting tomorrow.

Lower-end phones abound in most developing countries. In India, there are dozens of Android phone models from different brands that are released exclusively there. Thing is, most of them have non-premium specs and features that they can’t fully handle the full requirements of Oreo.

The release of Android 8.1 will bring this Android Go experience. The standard Google Apps and features can be experienced including a better and snappier Google Play Store. Expect a faster performance, more reliable security, better management, and added storage.

The pre-installed Google Apps are updated to be more relevant and lighter. Several optimizations are offered so apps will turn out to be faster as a mid-range phone running Android Go edition. No need to worry about losing storage space either because each app’s file sizes have been reduced to about half.

SOURCE: They Keyword (Google)


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