SXSW may have already ended, however it is just now that we are being given the opportunity to check out the “Building New Experiences with Glass” talk from the event. This talk came courtesy of Timothy Jordan who is a Developer Advocate with Project Glass. The talk measures in at just over 50 minutes in length and appears to put a bit more realistic view on the glasses.

The video covers some of the basics such as how Google Glass is part of Google X, but goes into talking about a users relationship with Glass. Jordan goes into talking about technology that is there when you want it, but out of the way when you don’t. This goes to talk about being at an event and seeing everyone capturing things and viewing them through the display, as opposed to being in the moment and enjoying what is actually happening.

One interesting take here, Jordan has said that these are still early days. In theory, that makes perfect sense, however it may be something we forget from time to time. Bottom line here, those who are overly interested in Glass will likely want to check this out. This video aside though, the Google Glass sign-up page recently went live. That is a page where you can get all the currently available information about Glass, and also give up your email address to hopefully get more information when it comes available in the future.

Aside from the teaser page, we have also recently learned that Google Glass will be manufactured in the US as well as some potential use cases based on patents. Patent wise we have seen everything from recognizing friends to opening your garage door. A little simpler, Google has also shown some apps and how they will work. These were shown back in mid-March and included Gmail, Path and Evernote.

[via SlashGear]