We saw some Google Glass information released directly from the source back in February. It was the Google created video that offered a look at ‘How it Feels (through Glass)’ and since then it seems the Glass related talk has accelerated. Since that point we have seen bits about Google Glass getting some style as well as a mock-up coming from Jet Blue and a parody coming by way of Amazon. As of today we have a bit more to think about in terms of Glass.

This latest is coming by way of Duke University, who are apparently working on an app that will allow the glasses to recognize a person without using facial recognition. Coming from the published paper, it was said that they want to complement facial recognition. The paper acknowledges the use of facial recognition, however notes that “it may not always be possible to see a person’s face.” Based on that they plan to use other points including the “color of clothes, decorations, and even human motion patterns.”

Putting this all together and we have what they are calling a “fingerprint.” The system itself is called InSight and while not perfect just yet, it was said that it becomes “feasible to recognize individuals with reasonable consistency.” The before side of this does take a bit of work though, it was noted that your ‘friends’ would need to submit some pictures of themselves ahead of time. Based on these images, and the data that is extracted from them — that person would then get a profile for easier recognition.

While this seems interesting, it does appear to be something that we are going to have to see to really understand the full benefit of. One possible perk here, as compared to using facial recognition is that this seems to take some prep work, sort of making it an opt-in system. Basically, that seems like it should help to ease the minds of those concerned mainly with privacy.

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