Google is busy in Texas for the annual SXSW event and today they’ve been giving lucky attendees a glance at Project Glass. After we saw some footwear powered by Android this weekend, today they’ve shown off the Mirror API and tons of apps designed and built for Google Glass. Things from New York Times, Evernote, and much more.

Apparently Google’s been rather busy with a few key players in the mobile space. They have tons of apps in development, and were nice enough to show a few off at SXSW today. For example: The New York Times app will deliver a headline if you want some news, an image if you request it, and even tell you the time the news article was posted. Then of course we have Gmail, Google Now is neatly integrated, and tons of note taking apps and things of that sort.

What’s even better about the NYT app is once you find a byline, headline, or story you like simply tap on it and Glass will read the news to you, so you won’t even have to stop and read it. That’s awesome. They even are testing notifications so you’ll be alerted when key breaking stories you’re interested in are published. Here’s a quick video although it doesn’t show much, sadly we aren’t in Austin live to enjoy the presentation.

He seems to be swiping a lot, when we’d rather just use our voice. Which is interesting. Then Google showed off the social networking app Path on Glass. Evernote and Skitch are both available, and of course Gmail. Glass will read an email aloud to you, then let users reply using voice recognition as expected. Just like the NTY Gmail won’t show an entire email, and instead only the sender and subject line, then Glass will read it to you as you carry on with your day.

We’ll have to reserve judgement until we get a better look at Glass, as well as a unit in our hands ourselves, but this certainly is interesting. Project Glass and Google Now are both the future of Android and we’re excited to see what comes next.

[via TechCrunch]