Google seems to be revealing more and more in terms of what we can expect from Glass. It was back in February when they offered up the “How It Feels (through Glass)” video and a bit more recently, we were given a look at some of the third party apps that will be available. Those included Evernote and Path, however as of today we are talking patents.

Well, patents and possibility. It seems Google is looking to have you be able to do things such as open your garage door or control your refrigerator using Glass. Keep in mind, these are still only patent filings at this point and so far, we have yet to get a solid look at how those will actually work. Anyway, the USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) filing is for “wearable computer with superimposed controls and instructions for external devices.”

While that sounds a bit generic, it does make a bit more sense when you also take these sketches into consideration. Basically, Google looks to have you open your garage door using Glass. From what we see in the filing, this would include looking at a code on the actual door. The code could be RFID, QR or other, but the key here is that once recognized, you will then get a set of controls. Using the garage door example and it would be as simple as opening the door.


The other example is a refrigerator. This one seems like it could be a bit more involved. You can get a few ideas of use from the sketch which shows things such as managing a grocery list and also controlling the temperature. Anyway, this is all obviously still a good ways out, but it does seem interesting nonetheless. So how about it, anyone interested in opening their garage door with Google Glass? Or is this just another neat, but gimmicky potential use case.

[via Engadget]