Google Cardboard VR Sales Stopped

This decision by Google is not exactly surprising. In fact, we’ve only waiting for the tech giant to make the announcement. The last related announcement we featured was back in November 2019 when the Google Cardboard SDK was stopped. Open-source could still continue VR development. Today, we’re sharing the bad news that Google has finally and officially stopped selling those Cardboard VR goggles. It’s been over five years since Google introduced the virtual reality platform. It has been released in many interesting versions.

If you plan on purchasing a new cardboard, sorry, but you can’t find the hardware on the Google online store. The store now shows the product is no longer sold. Before its end, the Cardboard was sold in multi-packs. You could no longer purchase single units.

The Google Store page says, “We are no longer selling Google Cardboard on the Google Store. We will continue to help the community build new experiences through our Cardboard open source project.”

Cardboard app development and experiences are still supported. There may still be some units from third-party retailers. It’s not clear until when Google will offer official support. We also won’t be surprised if the company totally stops providing it.

Daydream View is a more advanced platform. Its status is no different. The Google Daydream View project is no more and VR headset sales stopped more than a year ago. Last month, we noted the end is near for the Google Daydream VR System.

As early as June 2019, Google Play Movies & TV was made no longer available in Daydream VR. Hulu for Android also stopped supporting the Google Daydream VR. Android 11 actually ended support for Google Daydream VR and software.


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