Google’s Daydream Virtual Reality headset is one of those more affordable devices in the market if you want to enjoy VR content and don’t want to spend on all those expensive devices that are mostly for gaming. Because of headsets like the Daydream, some video streaming services decided to add VR headset support for their apps. One of those services is Hulu. But now it looks like they have changed their mind when it comes to the Google Daydream at least as they have removed support for the device.

According to SlashGear, Hulu users who checked out their support website for VR devices noticed that the updated Android app doesn’t support Google Daydream anymore. This means they won’t be able to watch the 360-degree videos that are currently in their library as well as the 2D content that they previously was able to access and watch in different types of virtual scenes.

There wasn’t any explanation given as to why this happened but if you haven’t’ updated yet to the latest version and you still want to watch Hulu content on your VR headset, then don’t update just yet. Android apps that are still in the older version and are not yet on version 3.55 can still watch the Hulu content, both 3D and 2D, on their Google Daydream. We don’t know yet though if that will eventually change so while you still can, watch Hulu content there.

The Hulu VR service can still be accessed in devices like the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Playstation VR, Oculus Gear VR, as well as other Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets. They currently have around 100 VR and 360-degree videos. This includes a live-action comedy called Door No. 1 which is exclusive to Hulu. And of course, the entire library of 2D videos is also there for your viewing pleasure.

Now if you have the Google Daydream, there are still other video services like Netflix that you can enjoy on the device. No news yet if Hulu will change their minds later on.


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